Marif Uğurlu Law Firm uses extensive market knowledge to provide outstanding legal services on all aspects of real estate law.

The main legal services offered by Marif Uğurlu Law Firm in real estate law can be summarized as follows:

  • Legal due diligence on title, cadastral and zoning records of real estate.
  • Acquisition and disposal of real estate (in particular, by foreign individuals and legal entities)
  • Acquisition finance (developing, structuring and implementing alternative and innovative finance methods as well as more traditional funding modes)
  • Advise on urban regeneration projects
  • Legal consulting and representation on title transactions (formation, amendment and removal of both contractual and non-contractual transactions as well as other sorts of registration, annotation and declaration procedures which are required to be executed before the Directorate of Title Registry; for example, the registration of transfer of title and restricted rights in rem such as mortgage and servitudes; the annotation of rights of pre-emption, purchase and resale, etc.)
  • Reviewing, drafting and negotiating contracts (contracts in the form of a deed of covenant such as transfer of title and formation of restricted rights in rem; pre-emption, purchase, resale, promise to sell, lease, sub-let, sale and lease back, partition of ownership, property management, confidentiality and loan agreements as well as insurance policies, letters of intent, collateral warranties and bank letters of guarantee, etc.)
  • Property management (reviewing, drafting, negotiating, implementing, amending and terminating management, maintenance, renovation, lease and sub-let agreements both for residential and commercial properties; collection of rents, eviction of the tenants as well as the resolution of any sort of legal issues originating from ownership, management and maintenance of property)
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2016 – Boutique Real Estate Law Firm of the Year in Turkey