The success of the projects developed by our clients matters to us. Therefore, we provide a unique resource: the “Project Support Program”. The target is to ensure successful completion of the project without the occurrence of any frustrating and avoidable legal complications.

Unlike traditional client-lawyer relationships where lawyers are brought into solve conflicts that have already escalated into major disputes or litigation, we make our experience and expertise available to our clients throughout the project lifecycle. The Project Support Program aims to solve problems and resolve or protect against disputes before crisis occurs through a forward thinking approach.

We follow the development of the project step by step, meeting regularly with the client’s managers and visiting the project site as necessary.

As a result of the Project Support Program:

  • Project events and perameters which might create future conflict are verified in advance and dealt with preemptively; strategic solutions are developed and necessary advice is provided to avoid escalation to legal disputes
  • Compliance is maintained with contractual provisions and obligations
  • Confrontational relationships with other project participants are reduced and avoided, aiding working harmony for the project
  • In the event that a conflict arises, alternative dispute resolution methods are implemented and innovative solutions are developed to steer such conflicts away from becoming a legal crisis which may harm the project
  • The benefits afforded, both tangible and intangible, can help ensure that our clients projects are delivered smoothly, on time and within budget by avoiding unnecessary cost, delays and reputational risk