Marif Uğurlu Law Firm has in-depth skills and experience in expediting resolution of legal disputes among various project participants cost-effectively at all levels of complexity arising from a wide range of projects. Moderately sized projects and mega projects in public and private sectors are within our scope, guiding clients through creative ADR techniques and arbitration proceedings as well as general court proceedings through development of pragmatic and creative strategies. We represent our clients in:

  • ADR proceedings (mediation, conciliation, adjudication, or other informal dispute resolution processes)
  • Arbitration proceedings (Both ad hoc and institutional arbitration before local and international organizations such as ICC, ICSID, UNCITRAL, LCIA)
  • Litigation (at all levels of judicial and administrative courts)

Here are the main types of disputes on which Marif Uğurlu Law Firm offers legal advice and representation to various project participants:

  • Conflicts amongst joint venture or consortium partners
  • Delay, constructive changes, extra work, escalation and disruption claims
  • Wrongful termination
  • Contractual penalty claims, and calling and enforcement of bonds
  • Defective and non-conforming work
  • Failure to pay contractors and other project participants
  • Insurance coverage issues
  • Annulment of title proceedings and registration claims; flat for land share contracts; judicial registration claims originating from promise to sell and options to pre-emption, purchase and resale; partition of property ownership; prevention of trespass and recovery of property; expropriation and confiscation disputes; cadastre disputes; disputes originating from article 2/B of the Forest Code; lease disputes (e.g. breach of lease, eviction, rent reviews, collection of rents in arrears) and mesne profit claims; disputes originating from condominium ownership; rectification of land registry, boundary or surface measurements of property and verification proceedings; disputes originating from inherited properties).
  • Disputes originating from development plans and development implementations such as the allotment, merger and de-merger of parcels; disputes originating from construction licences and building occupation permits, sealing and demolition orders as well as development fines; expropriation and confiscation disputes